we work

Close & private

We create partnerships between clubs and universities who share the same training ethos and desire that the players can achieve as much as possible on and off the field. We aim to keep things discreet and private between all parties involved, and only once all agreements are complete between club and university will we invite the coaches to Sweden to present themselves to the players and watch the players train and play. The university will be updated on players they finding interesting throughout the year.


This long-term partnership means that players from the club will attend the same universities year after year. We are building up a bigger presence in the universities as time goes by and we are establishing a solid base for players to continue to flourish in a perfect environment.

Great talent

By carefully selecting a handful of universities we are able to provide them with a continuous production line of highly skilled talented players who have been professionally trained throughout their young career.

This mutually beneficial relationship grows stronger from year to year and I am confident that we will see all 3 parties needs completely met and surpassed.