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Great for everyone


To continue to dream and have the will to fight in the pursuit professional contract. A player can seek better playing opportunities, at a higher level, and earn a top education at the same time. The U.S. is a growing market and the player has better chance to achieve something with his or hers talents overseas, rather than in Sweden. The experience and opportunity to have the chance to showcase talents in USA is a just reward for players who have dedicated their life to the game.


After training some players for up to 10 years, it is important that we, as a club, help the players achieve something great with their talent. Most players realise their potential within the age groups 18-23, but unfortunately the capacity within the Swedish football system means we lose many players before this vital learning time. The U.S. offers the perfect environment for players to continue developing within the clubs training vision.


To receive a steady stream of student/athletes who are educated at the highest level both on and off the pitch. We are open to a new talent pool of elite players who will benefit the club’s football program and also contribute positively to the university as a whole. We are also able to accomplish all our scouting needs more efficiently. Ultimately, our program develops a long-term relationship between club and university in which all parties benefit more year upon year.